Western Association of Educational Opportunity Personnel

Southern California Chapter

Eva Guillermina Angeles, Conference Scholarship Recipent 2017


The graduate scholarship(s) was created to further support WESTOP SoCal Chapter mission to advance educational opportunities for our membership.  Our chapter recognizes the determination and commitment required by an educational equity program staff member to pursue a graduate degree. As part of our membership’s commitment to collegial support- in fostering continued growth- the WESTOP SoCal Chapter has made a financial pledge to assist you with a scholarship award to support you in your continued studies.

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The conference scholarship(s) was created as part of our membership’s commitment to support the continued growth of our membership.  The WESTOP SoCal chapter has made the financial pledge to assist new or continuing WESTOP SoCal chapter member(s) with scholarship award(s) to further develop their professional skills.  This scholarship will allow those unable to attend conferences or other professional development opportunities due to limited budgets or federal regulations (i.e. part-time staff).  ​

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Scholarship(s) of $1,000 will be awarded to recipients. The disbursement will be made upon submission of proof of enrollment to a postgraduate degree or after the awardee has attended a conference or another professional development opportunity.  


  • Must be current and paid member of WESTOP.

  • Must be active in the WESTOP SoCal Chapter (Participate in at least 3 Socal events: PDS, SLC, TRiO Day, and Chapter Meetings.)

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Graduate Scholarship applicants must be planning to attend or currently attending graduate school full-time (Fall 2018).

  • Graduate Scholarships are a one-time award.  Conference Scholarship applicants can apply every other year. ​

  • Reimbursement after travel (conference) or upon submission of proof of Fall 2018 (graduate)

  • All recipients will be announced at the Professional Development Seminar 2018.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018-Friday, October 5, 2018

Professional Development Scholarships